Our Beneficiaries

Olive tree is one of the sponsors for a Children's home in Northern Thailand called Friend Home. At Friend Home, they provide shelter, care and protection to children ages 7 to 14 who come from difficult backgrounds. We believe that children are the future, and we want to provide these children with a conducive environment for growth and nurture them into their full potential. Your donations and support for our handcrafted products will help us to provide for the needs of the children and the home.

Our Crafters

Our crafters are essential to helping us achieve our Mission of empowering communities. Each product is lovingly handcrafted, by our various crafting groups:


Soap Crafters

Living in the rural regions of Northern Thailand, our soap crafters are part of an underprivileged community that continues to live in poor socio-economic conditions. Despite their difficult circumstances, they saw an opportunity to use the rich natural ingredients available around them to make useful products - like soap! Today, they continue to faithfully craft and the proceeds they've earned has brought meaningful change into their lives.


Volunteer Crafters

Our Volunteer crafters are an amazing bunch. Whenever there's pockets of time, you will find our volunteers still keeping their hands busy with crafting! Not only do they donate their crafts, they also pour their time, effort and heart into making each of their craft products. What's even more amazing is that 100% of proceeds from their donated crafts go toward supporting our beneficiaries!

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Gladiolus Place Girls' Home

Olive tree has been partnering and empowering the girls at Gladiolus Place (GP) by equipping them with various crafting skills through workshops. The girls have picked up on how to hand make face masks and scrunchies through this initiative and Olive tree continuous to support them by retailing their crafts. This source of income will directly contribute to GP's building fund, which allows the girls to develop their skills and offers them an opportunity to plan for their future.

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